Here We Go- Again!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Alot of you that are reading this may know that I am a new mom (again) of a 3 month old baby girl. Blame her for my blog hiatus. Lol just kidding. The last time I'd written AND posted anything on here was last January- I know, sucks right? I'd been to a few events and even took pics and collected info to be posted on here. But it didn't happen. I fell into a writer's funk, a BIG ONE. Then from that funk I found out I was pregnant. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. 

BUT, I am back! Funk free, and clear mind. During my pregnancy, I did change the layout for the blog and will be tweaking and changing more as I go along. I have a ton of new ideas that need to come to surface, and somehow those past events will be posted here as well. 

I hope you all understand, and thanks in advance for your support! 

💜💜 Reece 

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