Women Making History Series: Lalita

Friday, March 30, 2018

Everybody say heeeey to Lalita!! 

Lalita has an AMAAAZIIIING heart with the spirit to match. She's the sweetest person to be around. We met through pure divinity, I can't even call it irony. I was going through a tough time and was contemplating suicide. My church, Higher Dimension, has this prayer feature on their site and I listed what I was feeling and going through. Lalita CALLED me, sat on the phone with me for quite some time, prayed for me, listened to me cry, spoke the most powerful word over my life, and even cried with me!! After that, I found her on Facebook and the rest is history.

Here's the reason why I stated that our connection is through the divine. At the time I was working at Whole Foods Market and this woman would come in, shop, and come through my line each and every time. We would talk and laugh about anything we could squeeze into a 7-minute window. One day (after the phone call I previously mentioned), the woman just randomly brought her daughter up and told me about a radio show she was doing about handling depression. She showed me her picture and y'all I had to excuse myself from my register and boo-hoo'ed because that was the same woman that prayed over me!!! I gave her mother the biggest hug after and explained to her that Lalita saved my life. That same week-ending Sunday at church, I walked in during altar prayer and ran straight to Lalita and sobbed!!!

God makes no mistakes. Lalita is a phenomenal woman, she has what I call a subtle strength because her words, the way she presents herself, just everything about her is so graceful, yet powerful!! She checks to make sure you're ok even when she may be going through it. I admired the way she's bounced back after her trying times. I love her so, so much. We'll be in one another's lives forever I can tell you that.

When I asked her what makes her most proud to be a woman, she said:

"As I ponder on the question of what makes me most proud to be a woman. I couldn't help but to think of the word, Carry. Webster defines the word: to support and move. Support the weight of. As a woman I was able to identify my strentgh by what I carried beyond my physical strength. I am proud to be a woman of who lives beyond natural eye sight but births purpose with spiritual insight. I'm proud of the Woman I've become."

Lalita, today I honor you!!

Women Making History Series: Kim (Isis)

Saturday, March 24, 2018

This is Kim. She also goes by Isis. Either way, say HEEEEY!!! 
Kim is the BOMB! The b-o-m-b! This woman is the one that will get you allllll the way togeva (yes, with a v), doing so with love. Isis and I "met" on Periscope lol. One day around the time Periscope had just started to pop, her scope came up in my feed so I decided to watch. It was herself and her crazy roommate/business partner Alton talking about relationships. After that, I followed her on every social media platform she had and made sure I interacted with her whenever she was on. Later on that year, Isis and her crew came to Houston to be apart of the Nzuri Natural Hair Expo. Meeting her was beyond everything!! Her spirit was and still is very contagious, it was warm, it was nurturing, it was a blessing.

When she speaks to you, be ready to change your life and your current state of mind because when she's will NEVA be the same. She'll have you questioning yourself like 'Why didn't I think about it this way before??' You may cry too so just have some tissue on standby. Isis is extremely pro-black & pro-woman; from shopping with and shouting out black businesses to speaking to women at events all over, to writing and releasing her own book (find it here) to aid women in finding their inner peace. Isis is really the total package and doesn't bend, fold, flip-flop, or phony in anything she's ever done. It has been an honor to get to know someone like her.

I asked her what makes her most proud to be a woman. Her response: 

"I believe that our ability to cultivate vision makes me most proud to be a woman. Woman by nature can see the possibility and potential in others.  We take this ability and nurture it to help bring out the best in that being.  This is a strength that most women are unaware they even possess.  I call it the "Eve Effect".  Once you become aware of it, you understand its value.  Unfortunately, many sisters are expending this precious gift on people who are unworthy of our cultivation.  In my book, I discuss this in detail... basically Ladies, "put your chisel down!"  Stop giving so much of yourselves to build a man for someone else.  The man that requires that cultivating spirit will be YOUR Man, husband, someone who has proved their worth."

*Snap, Snap.* Today, I honor you!

Women Making History Series: Victoria

Monday, March 19, 2018

Everybody give a huge HEEEY to Victoria

Victoria is quite possibly the most liberating woman I've ever met. She's unapologetically herself through & through. If you ever get the chance to speak with her, you will see that she's an indubitable ray of sunshine and breath of fresh air. 

Do y'all see her eyes? That's what drew me to her. They told a story before we even spoke. We met at the same blogging event that Crysy and I met in 2016. Just ended up next to one another and got to mingling. Another match made from the universe! Her spirit is just as addicting as her smile, and the way she roots for everybody black on top of femininity!!!! Child!!! Never met another like her.

Little does she know, I've learned ALOOOT from her from our initial conversation, to our play date meetup at McDonald's, to watching her recent live videos. She's an incredible advocate for so many issues in this crazy world and she stands up for what she belives in- I admire that. Another thing I'm paying attention to is the way she teaches her children about life itself, but one thing that stands out is the fact that she's a sex positive parent. A topic that is extremely sensitve in today's world for whatever reason, yet she makes sure her children know who they are inside and out. I just love it!!

When I asked Ms. Victoria what makes her most proud to be a woman, this is what she had to say:

"Growing up, I never heard a lot of positive things about about women without first comparing them to men. I got the impression that women were nothing compared to men.

I was conditioned to believe that we didn't matter as much. Stories that I'd often read about told how women were married off in order to payoff or avoid debt; how fathers always wanted sons and only sons could carry the family name. 
Surely the masculine must be more important.
       I remember learning that in China they were only allowed to have one child with most families preferring a male. And you hear stories about female genital mutilation. About traditions of having multiple wives... polygamy. One would think that something like polyandry didn't even exist.
Each image of society portraying the feminine as the lowly victim, the weakest link, the burden, or the helpless and hopeless.

When I was a little girl in church, I remember a woman who stood before our congregation to say she had been called upon by God to minister in our church. There was so much commotion; I remember it like it was yesterday.

My grandmother would talk about the church meetings they had to discuss whether a woman belonged in the pulpit because of her menstrual cycle. Saying that the menstrual cycle rendered a woman unclean and blah blah blah blah blah. I dare not repeat the rest of that statement; it just doesn't resonate with me.
There were few images of us being loved and cared for and treated gently and deliberately, the way we should be. Fewer of our strength in its own essence. Few of us being considered as individuals. Many times we are lumped in with the children as though our worth is not quite enough on its own. Even today this is true.
At the same time I was also receiving a lot of low energy and negative images of being black as well. That too is still true.
So when you combine the two you might believe that it is difficult to think greatness of yourself to be both a woman and be black. But oh, you would be so wrong!
Despite these negative energy images that I am being bombarded with daily throughout my life, at 32 years old I can stand and say through every struggle, through every hardship, through every injustice, through every sexual trauma, through every emotional abuse, I could never be more glad to be a woman.
This is why I am proud to be a woman.  Through everything we are subjected to as women, I still love being this Being. How!? how!? Pure divinity! I am God.
Being a woman, I have learned what it truly means to have strength, what it truly means to be beautiful, and resilient in great contrast to what I had been conditioned to believe.
As women, we are more powerful than is physically measurable.
I think our greatest Journey in life is self discovery. But if you cannot see who you are then you cannot discover Who that is. The experience of being a black woman is constantly revealing to me who I AM. On this journey, I'm climbing the spiritual ladder of experiences and growth. l am evolving on the most significant evolutionary spectrum. This journey of being the black woman has the beauty to transform us into spiritual Masters.
This is what makes me most proud to be a woman."
See what I mean? Ev-er-y-thang!!! Today, I honor you!💜

Women Making History Series: La'Torria

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Say a big HEEY to La'Torria!! 

This lady here is someone I would dub as a powerhouse. She has an insane work ethic, a pretty dope sense of style (especially when she wears anything with lemons on it, Lemon is her last name), and a certain presence of humility. I was afforded the opportunity to be behind the scenes of a couple of events here in Houston because of her. I believe the first press type of event I'd ever done was for Gospel artist Chad Brawley's album release party, I give many thanks to La'Torria for that. She has this uniqueness about her that can't be cloned even if you tried. TRUST ME. She keeps the same demeanor and grace with everything she puts her hands on- & there's been ALOT of events, people, places, and every other description of a noun there is that she's been involved in.

It's definitely a treat to watch La'Torria WERK, because of the way she commands the room with a smile. Overall, she's been a blessing to my life and in my writing. She's helped me see the other side and added onto my faith in myself in my journey of blogging. When I asked her what makes her most proud to be a woman, she stated:

"I am proud to be a woman because of the legacy of women. Women are strong, beautiful, talented, driven, multitaskers, go-getters, nurturers, and I could go on and on and on. The essence of a woman cannot be duplicated. Although at times being a woman can be tough, I find the beauty in being able to overcome difficulties, find my strength and continue to press forward. 

The woman I am today has a lot to do with other women who took the time to sow into me. When I think of strong women who have been influential in my process of life, I must acknowledge those that I've looked up to such as my mentors, Saptosa Foster, Shante Bacon, Stacey Lee, LaTesha Washington, Gaylin Josho, Kim Gagne and my Auntie Cheryl. In addition to my family, I take pride in knowing that my mentors and influential women in my life believe in me; therefore I strive to make them proud. It is a blessing to be able to gain strength from other strong women when I may become weak, but it is also a blessing to be able to sow into others. The things I've learned thus far has prepared me to be a mentor to dozens of other young women. Whether it's mentoring my pageant girls, mentoring high school students, or mentoring women within my industry, I love seeing women stick together and WIN! That alone makes me proud.

 Women all over the world, I'm proud of you. I may not know every woman in the world, but I can appreciate every woman. Take a moment today to show your appreciation to some of the special women in your life. #GirlPower"

Today, I honor you! 💜

Women Making History Series: Crysy

Friday, March 9, 2018

Y'all, say heeeey to Crysy!!! When I tell y'all I'm so extremely proud of this woman right here!!!
Crysy and I met at the beginning of 2016 at a blogging event. She was so shy & off in the cut to herself!! Literally!! I can't remember who spoke to who first, but either way, I'm grateful that we were brought together! Mid-conversation, a fellow blogger snapped a pic of us, we exchanged information, and we've been cool ever since. That very same year in December, the shy lady had her very first women's empowerment event entitled The Road To Freedom. And it was nothing short of phenomenal!! Since then she's branched out with more events in 2 separate series and makes sure she connects with other women. When she changed her way of thinking, ultimately, it changed her life.

The more I get to learn about Crysy, the more I love her. The more I see her unfold and blossom, the more she inspires me to keep pushing. I'm gonna continue to support any and everything that she decides to do because she truly is the definition of stepping out on faith. She's as real as they come, she's genuine, and she dresses her ass off do ya hear me?!

When I asked her what made her most proud of being a woman, she said:

"What makes me proud to be a woman... I am proud because as a woman, I have been mentally and spiritually broken,& I still got up every morning to take care of my family, went to work, ran businesses, went to school and a plethora of other things...I was so strong to other people.  Once I faced my fears and issues... I became strong to MYSELF." 

That's a WORD, okay!!?? Today, I honor you my darling. 💜

Women Making History Series: DeNeka

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Y'all say heeeeeeeey to DeNeka! She's one of those extremely RARE and RAW people that you just have to hold on to once you find them. I really believe her heart is made of pure gold, as cliche as it sounds. She's a gem, a good luck charm, an encyclopedia, and a shot of tequila all wrapped together. She's a fighter, trust me when I say she comes out on top with EVERYTHING she does. Anything she touches turns into a masterpiece. She's a perfectionist, and I say that with the utmost respect. She does not let any negativity or any defeats define who she is as an individual, but most importantly as a woman.

The most important thing in DeNeka's life is her daughter Jazmin. She makes sure that her baby girl is shown daily how to take life by the horns and still keep it classy. That's one of the many things I admire about her. When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I asked her to be her Godmother. Not only did she accept, she also took on my other 2 daughters as her God babies! If that ain't love then I don't know what love is! She's physically seen me and been there for me in some of my darkest hours, it's more than fitting that I'm there for her just as much. We've only known one another for 3 years, but it feels so so much longer. That's my dawg. Period. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I asked her what makes her most proud to be a woman, this was her reply:

"What makes me most proud to be a woman is our ability to be flexible. We get pulled in so many directions and juggle everything we have our hands in be it relationships, work, children, community, etc. We bend and try not to break until we are overwhelmed and overloaded. As women, we bare the weight of the world on our shoulders and bring life to everything we are needed in. "

That statement is truly the essence of DeNeka. Today, I honor you 💜

Women Making History Series: Sonja (My Mama)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The month of March means a couple different things to me. It's a month of manifestation, a month of miracles, but one of the most important things: celebrating womanhood. Not that I don't do that every day already, I guess because it's "nationally" recognized. Anywho, in honor of this year's Women's History Month (& beyond), I decided to do an honors series on some of the amazing & dope women that I know personally or have had the chance to meet on more than one occasion. These women have made huge marks on my journey in life and I am beyond grateful that I get the chance to say I know them. So without further ado, I present to you, my Mama.

Everybody say heeeey to Sonja!!

My Muva, the woman that carried and birthed me, and who is literally the strongest woman I know.

 At 53 years young, she's in her second battle with cancer. Stomach cancer to be exact. From the pic above you couldn't even tell. She's kicking cancer's ass with grace, style, and a whole lotta fierce with a dash of peace. When I asked her what made her most proud to be a woman, her answer was simple: 

"Love and the experience of having a child." 

My mother also thoroughly enjoys being a Grandma (and loves the name even more). When I say she ADORES her grandkids, that's an understatement. If you have ever met her or ever had the chance to speak to her once, I can guarantee she will bring my babies up. One of the things I love the most about my mother is her versatility. She's one (of 3) of the reasons why I listen to half of the genres of music that I do, have tried some of the food that I now love, and half the reason why I can go from extra calm to a firecracker in .003 seconds lol. 

My mother is a survivor, my mother is truly a conqueror, my mother is love, my mother is....a woman! Today I honor you. 💜

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