I Gotta Say It Was A Good Day (for 'self care')

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sam Houston Boat Tour 

I woke up a few weeks back on July 24th, opened my Instagram and found out that it was International Self Care Day.  Perfect. A few days prior I was surfing the net for fun stuff to do around Houston and came across the Sam Houston Boat Tour. It's a 90-minute round trip boat ride that takes you on a tour along the Houston Ship Channel. The price: absolutely FREE!! If you know me, you know I loooove being in or around water so this was right up my alley. I reserved a time slot and the day of, my family and I hit the road down highway 610 E! We pulled up just in the nick of time to load the boat. The weather, the water, the atmosphere, the people; everything made for smooth sailing.

While the ride was relaxing, it was also educational. If you're not from Houston like me, it's interesting to learn about the culture of the city while having a good time. As the tour began, we came upon a line of ships with a story individually attached. Further down the line, we saw a few buildings that have a history of how the Ship Channel came to be.

Fun fact about me: I am TERRIFIED of ships, so I semi-conquered my fear by doing this. 

Some of the ships lined up, Sam Houston Boat Tour

The tour guide and boat guards were very friendly and accommodating. There was more than enough space for seating or standing. You might even leave with some new friends! 
I highly recommend going on the 10am tour since Houston is extremely humid and hot any other time of day. They do have some 6pm slots on certain days but of course, you have to call or check their website for further details.  This was an awesome and new experience for the kids, they had so much fun. 
Here's a few more pics from the ride...

My pics don't do this experience justice! So go to the website (hyperlinked in blue), and schedule a tour!

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