Women Making History Series: Victoria

Monday, March 19, 2018

Everybody give a huge HEEEY to Victoria

Victoria is quite possibly the most liberating woman I've ever met. She's unapologetically herself through & through. If you ever get the chance to speak with her, you will see that she's an indubitable ray of sunshine and breath of fresh air. 

Do y'all see her eyes? That's what drew me to her. They told a story before we even spoke. We met at the same blogging event that Crysy and I met in 2016. Just ended up next to one another and got to mingling. Another match made from the universe! Her spirit is just as addicting as her smile, and the way she roots for everybody black on top of femininity!!!! Child!!! Never met another like her.

Little does she know, I've learned ALOOOT from her from our initial conversation, to our play date meetup at McDonald's, to watching her recent live videos. She's an incredible advocate for so many issues in this crazy world and she stands up for what she belives in- I admire that. Another thing I'm paying attention to is the way she teaches her children about life itself, but one thing that stands out is the fact that she's a sex positive parent. A topic that is extremely sensitve in today's world for whatever reason, yet she makes sure her children know who they are inside and out. I just love it!!

When I asked Ms. Victoria what makes her most proud to be a woman, this is what she had to say:

"Growing up, I never heard a lot of positive things about about women without first comparing them to men. I got the impression that women were nothing compared to men.

I was conditioned to believe that we didn't matter as much. Stories that I'd often read about told how women were married off in order to payoff or avoid debt; how fathers always wanted sons and only sons could carry the family name. 
Surely the masculine must be more important.
       I remember learning that in China they were only allowed to have one child with most families preferring a male. And you hear stories about female genital mutilation. About traditions of having multiple wives... polygamy. One would think that something like polyandry didn't even exist.
Each image of society portraying the feminine as the lowly victim, the weakest link, the burden, or the helpless and hopeless.

When I was a little girl in church, I remember a woman who stood before our congregation to say she had been called upon by God to minister in our church. There was so much commotion; I remember it like it was yesterday.

My grandmother would talk about the church meetings they had to discuss whether a woman belonged in the pulpit because of her menstrual cycle. Saying that the menstrual cycle rendered a woman unclean and blah blah blah blah blah. I dare not repeat the rest of that statement; it just doesn't resonate with me.
There were few images of us being loved and cared for and treated gently and deliberately, the way we should be. Fewer of our strength in its own essence. Few of us being considered as individuals. Many times we are lumped in with the children as though our worth is not quite enough on its own. Even today this is true.
At the same time I was also receiving a lot of low energy and negative images of being black as well. That too is still true.
So when you combine the two you might believe that it is difficult to think greatness of yourself to be both a woman and be black. But oh, you would be so wrong!
Despite these negative energy images that I am being bombarded with daily throughout my life, at 32 years old I can stand and say through every struggle, through every hardship, through every injustice, through every sexual trauma, through every emotional abuse, I could never be more glad to be a woman.
This is why I am proud to be a woman.  Through everything we are subjected to as women, I still love being this Being. How!? how!? Pure divinity! I am God.
Being a woman, I have learned what it truly means to have strength, what it truly means to be beautiful, and resilient in great contrast to what I had been conditioned to believe.
As women, we are more powerful than is physically measurable.
I think our greatest Journey in life is self discovery. But if you cannot see who you are then you cannot discover Who that is. The experience of being a black woman is constantly revealing to me who I AM. On this journey, I'm climbing the spiritual ladder of experiences and growth. l am evolving on the most significant evolutionary spectrum. This journey of being the black woman has the beauty to transform us into spiritual Masters.
This is what makes me most proud to be a woman."
See what I mean? Ev-er-y-thang!!! Today, I honor you!💜

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